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Sustainable Investments for Asset Owners & Mangers


The objective of this model is to help asset owners make sense of sustainable (ESG, Impact investing & exclusion) investing.  At the end of the module, asset owners will be able to put design a robust sustainable investment strategy, create and deliver a sustainable investment policy that avoids greenwashing.  The module will cover:

  1. Sustainable Investments in Context

  • Sustainable Investments and Institutional Investors in Africa and globally — Overview of Current Status and Developments

  • The Performance of Sustainable Investments — An Overview

  • Development of the Regulatory and Legislative Environment for Sustainable Investment

  • Understanding Investment Stewardship And Governance

  1. Different Approaches to Sustainable Investment and Specific Asset Classes

    • Introduction to Different Approaches to Sustainable Investment

      • Exclusions with a case study

      • Best-in-Class Approach

      • ESG Integration Approach

        • Enhancing the Investment Process through ESG Integration

        • Optimised Geographical Asset Allocation Thanks to ESG Integration

        • The Role of ESG Integration in Emerging Market Investments

    • Exercising Voting Rights

    • Shareholder Engagement —Dialogue with Companies

    • Sustainable Thematic Investments - SDGs

    • Impact Investing

    • Investments for Development

    • Green Bonds

    • Sustainable Infrastructure Investments

    • Sustainable Private Equity Investments

    • Sustainable Real Estate

  1. Special Themes

  • Climate Change and Associated Risks for Investors

  • The Role of Indices in Sustainable Investment

  • Transparency of Sustainable Investments

  1. Steps to Implementation

    • Implementing a Sustainable Investment Policy—A Practical Guide