Sustainable Investments for Asset Owners & Mangers
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Sustainable Investments for Asset Owners & Mangers


The objective of this model is to help asset owners make sense of sustainable (ESG, Impact investing & exclusion) investing.  At the end of the module, asset owners will be able to put design a robust sustainable investment strategy, create and deliver a sustainable investment policy that avoids greenwashing.  The module will cover:

  1. Sustainable Investments in Context

  • Sustainable Investments and Institutional Investors in Africa and globally — Overview of Current Status and Developments

  • The Performance of Sustainable Investments — An Overview

  • Development of the Regulatory and Legislative Environment for Sustainable Investment

  • Understanding Investment Stewardship And Governance

  1. Different Approaches to Sustainable Investment and Specific Asset Classes

    • Introduction to Different Approaches to Sustainable Investment

      • Exclusions with a case study

      • Best-in-Class Approach

      • ESG Integration Approach

        • Enhancing the Investment Process through ESG Integration

        • Optimised Geographical Asset Allocation Thanks to ESG Integration

        • The Role of ESG Integration in Emerging Market Investments

    • Exercising Voting Rights

    • Shareholder Engagement —Dialogue with Companies

    • Sustainable Thematic Investments - SDGs

    • Impact Investing

    • Investments for Development

    • Green Bonds

    • Sustainable Infrastructure Investments

    • Sustainable Private Equity Investments

    • Sustainable Real Estate

  1. Special Themes

  • Climate Change and Associated Risks for Investors

  • The Role of Indices in Sustainable Investment

  • Transparency of Sustainable Investments

  1. Steps to Implementation

    • Implementing a Sustainable Investment Policy—A Practical Guide

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Infrastructure Debt Strategies - Understanding the Opportunity for Long-term Financing
6:30 PM18:30

Infrastructure Debt Strategies - Understanding the Opportunity for Long-term Financing

Join our free one-hour webinar and learn about the risks and rewards of alternative investments from CAIA's Managing Director of Curriculum & Exams, Keith Black, Ph.D., CAIA, CFA and me, on February 20, at 12:00 PM EST. Join us from the comfort of your desk as we unpack some core concepts of alternative investments!

All you need to do is register now and log on when it's time.

  • The Risks and Rewards of Alternative Investments  
    Direct from the CAIA Fundamentals of Alternative Investments Certificate program, we will review The Risks and Rewards of Alternative Investments. This one-hour free webinar will cover the following topics: 
    - Diversification across Idiosyncratic Risks
    - Diversification across Risk Factors
    - Return Enhancement through Liquidity Premiums
    - Return Enhancement through Alternative Beta Opportunities
    - The Challenges of Alternative Investment Management
    ...and more!

    Date & Time: Wednesday, February 20 at 12 p.m. EST, duration 60 minutes.
    Please note this session will be recorded and only available for 14 days after distribution.

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