The actual impact of disruptive forces facing the institutional investment management industry is inherently uncertain. And its anticipated widespread implication for the future will demand long-term asset trustees, executives and directors put in place strategies and tactics to best position them to take advantage of the potential future and the changes that might be made to benefit — end savers and investors, asset owners, asset managers, the industry, and society.

Themed maximising risk-adjusted returns and impacts, Investment Masterclass for Trustees, Executives and Directors (IMTED) is a three–day modular masterclass designed to support trustees, executives and directors in making long-term investment decisions that pursue better financial and impact outcomes. With an emphasis on helping them make effective investment decisions, anticipate and manage risk, and keep track of their investment strategy and performance.


Maximising Risk-adjusted Returns And Impact

Enhance your ability to navigate emerging investment thematics and disruptive forces facing long-term asset owners and their managers. As well as emerging trends and strategies for pursuing better outcomes - for the end investors, the industry and society.

Programme Modules

The forum will bring together professionals committed to helping their clients deploy their capital for sustainable impact and place emphasis on As well as strategies that use non-traditional methods to gain exposure to traditional assets and vehicles that invest in non-traditional assets such as:
  • The Economic And Financial Context
  • The Future Of Long-term Institutional Asset Management
  • Phi: The Hidden Variable In Investment Performance
  • Behavioural Finance: Concepts, Examples and Why It's Important
  • Strengthening Trustees' Investment Duties In Statement Of Investment Principles
  • Dynamic Portfolio Strategies For Pension Funds
  • Integrating Alternative Assets With Traditional Asset Classes
  • Investment Risk Management
  • Sustainable (ESG, Impact Investing & Exclusion)Investing

Please note that the final detailed masterclass programme and timetable will be shared with only registered participants and select vetted potential participants.

The Impact


Personal Impact

Be part of the most comprehensive investment (traditional & alternative assets, sustainable investment) programme tailored for pension funds and other long-term asset owners and managers in Africa. Uniquely designed to combine the practical expertise of a practitioner-led faculty with professionals insight of guest speakers with extensive experience of working with Africa pension funds and insurers.


Organisational Impact

Position your organisation for maximum growth — with measurable impact for the end savers and investors, the industry, and society by taking advantage of the symbiotic relationship between pension systems (suppliers of savings) and institutional investors (investors of savings) by developing the capacity to create and manage assets that should safely and sustainably fund the retirement goals of African savers.

Be Part of It


Thought Leadership

We give a select group of organisations that have shown leadership in the themes covered in modules an opportunity to partner with the programme. And showcase thought leadership through speaking and content positioning before, during and after the programmes.

Who Attends


Target Audience

Investment Masterclass for Trustees, Executives & Directors is designed for senior management with the remit for strategic oversight of managing and keeping track investment strategy and portfolio performance. However, the programme is very relevant to senior investment professionals, investment analysts and advisors from pension schemes, sovereign and state investment funds,


Target Audience

Target Audience for the Investment Masterclass for Trustees, Executives & Directors

The Faculty

Anne Cabot-Alletzhauser

Focus: The Future Of Institutional Investing & Statement Of Investment Principles.


Piet van der Merwe

Focus: Sustainable (ESG Integration, Impact Investing & Exclusion) Investing.


Focus: Africa In Context - Unpacking its past, Predicting its future & Multi-manager Funds Ramtohul

Imrith Ramtohul

Mauritian Private Pension Schemes Investment Rules & Investment Performance


Evan Gilbert

Focus: Portfolio Strategy, Traditional & Alternative Allocations & Investment Risk


James Brice

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Integration

guest speaker TO BE CONFIRMED





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