About African Alternative

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African Alternative is a new multi-media ecosystem that provides Africa alternative investment industry with a video and audio platform to connect directly with their target audience, in their own words.

African Alternative curates and publishes first-person video and audio content from central banks, pension funds, insurance companies, DFIs, endowments, foundations, regulators, Family Office, HNWIs, alternative fund managers, lawyers and other investment practitioners.

Founded by industry practitioners, African Alternative is poised to address the principal blocks to institutions with a strong appetite to build alternatives portfolio in Africa by providing unique insight into investment themes and narratives. Through impactful and powerful long- and short-form stories, video series, and podcasts.

African Alternative brings institutional investors closer than ever to the real investment strategies and executable themes across African markets.



The ultimate showcase of thought leadership through an industry leader's view on a specific market and product innovation. This makes you more authentic, easier to engage and connect with. The video production – creation, development, and delivery will be driven by specific audience targeting, engagement, and optimization.


Designed to explore investable strategies, executable themes and showcase vetted investment opportunities. The spotlight examines what works and what doesn't work when investing traditional and alternative asset classes in Africa. The takes the form of in conversations, oxford style debate and case studies.


Delivered as roundtables, open conversations, and panels, the Perspectives gives a select group of senior investment practitioners the opportunity to demonstrate expertise in building alternative asset portfolio and navigating through the complexities of investing in Africa whilst raising the profile of their firm.


Why Alternative Insight? Why Video & Audio?

The internet is awash with content. There is too much to read and audience engagement is diminishing. As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult to be seen and heard over all that digital noise.

To remain relevant, build and maintain brand affinity, companies must adapt their approach to producing content and engaging an audience whose approach to consuming information has evolved.

In Africa, a market perceived as rapidly growing, however, risky, illiquid and relatively non-transparent. Businesses must create a new content strategy and refocused their content approach if they are to pioneer their brand and market narrative.

They have no choice but to use well created video and audio content, supported by social media and other relevant touchpoints to activate and engage their audience.